Digital Ocean Forum 2024

Welcome to
The EU Digital Twin Ocean Core Infrastructure

In the coming weeks, this new platform will gradually open.
The European Digital Twin Ocean Platform offer is threefold:
  • The basic service allows users to EXPLORE the data in time and in space, from the coast to the open ocean, from ocean physics, biology, chemistry to sea ice, ecology and biodiversity, from the surface to the seabed. This service is now open to all.
  • The second is to CREATE something with the data and tools available such as predict and assess the impact of climate scenarios, human activities, to inform decisions on different topics from ship routing, establishing Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) to reducing marine pollution strategies. This service is now open to Beta Testers from Phase1 and 2 only. See our Beta Testing roadmap.
  • And the third possibility is to be part of the co-creation and evolution and CONTRIBUTE by bringing in and integrating your own data, tools and services on the platform. This service is now open to Beta Testers from Phase1 only. See our Beta Testing roadmap below.
Beta Testing Roadmap

Open in September 2023 for a selected groups of beta testers connected to the EDITO ecosystem.​

Open on May 25 2024 for the +70 projects invited to the Scientific & Technical Workshop of the Digital Ocean Forum 2024 (Brussels, 12 June 2024).​

Will open in September 2024, opening to wider communities (more info coming soon).​ You will soon be able to register to help us improve and better fit your needs, test the Platform and integrate your digital twin applications! We will soon open opportunities for early users who are interested in testing the data lake and resources to support their work, whether for research, innovation, policy, or ocean literacy purposes.