Digital Ocean Forum 2024

Support decision making

Policymakers worldwide are faced with complex and multifactorial decisions on intensifying ocean challenges. From marine spatial planning, to restoring ecosystems and biodiversity, to safeguarding coastal communities in the face of climate change, decision-makers need to navigate through competing priorities, allocation of finite resources and balancing diverse interests. Thanks to the European Digital Twin Ocean, policymakers can access or generate the information needed to shape effective decisions using what-if-scenario simulations. They will be able to test and assess future impacts of climate scenarios and management decisions and decide on the best course of action for optimal environmental and socio-economic benefits.
The European Digital Twin Ocean provides the space to share, replicate and scale up all shared processes and data, services on the platform, fostering further collaboration and innovation. It will serve as a hub to connect the wealth of digital twin ocean initiatives within the European community and beyond, underpinning the EU’s commitment to the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

EU DTO application

to combat marine plastic pollution and safeguard marine environments

Monitoring marine plastic, predicting its movement to support informed decisions and actions to curb marine plastic.

EU DTO application

to support nature-based solutions against coastal hazards

Exploring the best way to use coastal vegetation such as seagrass to reduce coastal risks.