Digital Ocean Forum 2024

Cutting edge Ocean information at your fingertips

Built on European scientific excellence and assets, this powerful tool leverages Europe‚Äôs world-leading marine data infrastructures, offering a single-entry point to a wealth of data. The European Digital Twin Ocean combines and integrates the two EU flagship marine services, the Copernicus Marine Service and the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) into a single digital framework. This is the core public infrastructure delivered by the EU-funded project, EDITO-Infra.

Users can explore and access the most comprehensive data on marine and coastal environments that the EU has to offer, all free and open to the public. The platform allows navigation through big data in a user-friendly virtual environment, with access to supercomputing services, simulation tools, AI capabilities, and more. Explore hundreds of ocean variables in the past, in near-real-time as well as forecasts. Overlap physical and biogeochemical variables with human activities, ecosystem and biodiversity information. For example, explore and pair datasets, from Marine to Protected Areas, to ocean currents, to bathymetry, to windfarms.