Digital Ocean Forum 2024

Towards new products & services

The European Digital Twin Ocean is revolutionising ocean knowledge by leveraging innovative digital technologies and scientific progress in Europe. Consolidating state-of-the-art numerical modelling, artificial intelligence and machine learning, together with HPC resources, the European Digital Twin Ocean is a powerful tool to foster innovation. It illuminates the ocean's past, present and future, aiming to feed policy and management decisions with science and data-driven information. The platform is designed to bring the ocean closer to people, making ocean data and knowledge more accessible and meaningful for better decisions, stronger impact and a more sustainable future.
After exploring the available products, users can go further to create fit-for-purpose datasets to use and if they wish to contribute by sharing on the European Digital Twin Ocean Core Infrastructure platform. There are datasets and application spaces that are driven by a rich community of European projects. Here for example, you can explore the applications dedicated to understanding marine heatwaves and turtle trajectories given changing environmental stressors.  

Global Marine Heatwaves

from 2021-2022

This animation shows the evolution of marine heatwaves across the global ocean from moderate (yellow), strong (orange), severe (red), to extreme (dark red). This new product is made on the EU DTO platform drawing from the data lake (using Copernicus Marine data) and harnessing computing processing and functionalities of the EU DTO.


Tracking Tool

The Turtle Tracking Tool application allows users to interactively visualize juvenile turtle dispersion from different nesting beaches, and associated oceanographic data, over time and space. With this tool, users can better understand the behaviour of turtles in a changing marine environment due to climate change and anthropogenic impacts, thus inform efforts towards their conservation.