Digital Ocean Forum 2024

Digital Twin Ocean Applications

EU DTO application

to combat marine plastic pollution and safeguard marine environments

Monitoring marine plastic, predicting its movement to support informed decisions and actions to curb marine plastic.

EU DTO application

to support nature-based solutions against coastal hazards

Exploring the best way to use coastal vegetation such as seagrass to reduce coastal risks.

EU DTO - Blue Cloud 2025 application

An application to support marine biodiversity conservation

Unreveling plankton dynamics to monitor and predict marine life movement in support of conservation efforts.


Monitoring water quality in support of aquaculture and biodiversity restoration

Monitoring and forecasting water quality for sustainable oyster aquaculture in the Bay of Galway, Ireland.

EU DTO - SOCIB application

Early warning system for extreme events

Predicting meteo-tsunamis in the western Mediterranean for managing risk and adaptation to a changing climate.

EU DTO - LISCOAST application

Assessing weather-related and socioeconomic impacts in coastal areas in present and future climates

Large-scale sea-level and coastal assessment tool to quantify coastal hazard, exposure and vulnerability and assess consequent risks.

EU DTO - OLAMUR application

Supporting sustainable  multi-use of marine environment

Unveiling the potential of multi-Use offshore wind energy and low trophic level aquaculture in the Baltic Sea.

EU DTO - ILIAD application

An immersive ocean for marine resource management

3D ocean environment visualisations for marine applications and spatial planning based on video game technology.

EU DTO – ILVO/ ILIAD application

Digital twinning for sustainable fisheries management

Digital twin tool combining high quality data from fishing vessels to allow real time fish stock, ecosystem evaluation and catch prediction.

EU DTO - NOCOS DT application

Improving ship navigability in the Arctic and Baltic Ocean

Digital twin tools for monitoring sea ice and assessing the risk for maritime transport

EU DTO - PIPELINE DTO application

Improving coastal monitoring and forecasting

Improving marine data and forecasts for the Portuguese coastal waters in support of national and EU policy and directives.

SILICONHAGEN virtual reality application

Using virtual reality to raise awareness on marine plastic

Immersive virtual reality experience to support ocean literacy actions on marine plastic pollution.