Digital Ocean Forum 2024

Barcelona Supercomputing Center - BSC

The Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) is heavily involved in the development of the Digital Twin Ocean, part of the broader European initiative to create digital replicas of the Earth's systems. This project, known as Destination Earth, aims to simulate and predict future climate scenarios to better understand and respond to environmental challenges, particularly those posed by climate change. The BSC contributes significantly to the Climate Digital Twin, which focuses on generating high-resolution climate projections. These projections help assess the impact of socio-economic and policy decisions under various emission scenarios. The BSC's Earth Sciences Department, led by Professor Francisco Doblas-Reyes, plays a crucial role in this project by providing the necessary computational power and expertise in climate modeling. Additionally, BSC is part of the EDITO-Model Lab, which supports the European Digital Twin Ocean initiative. This project aims to provide detailed simulations of oceanic conditions to enhance our understanding and management of marine environments