Digital Ocean Forum 2024


Tony Candela

Mercator Ocean International

Oceanographer, Marine Ecosystem Modeler

Tony Candela is an Oceanographer and a Marine Ecosystem Modeler at Mercator Ocean International. He has a Master’s Degree in Ocean Physics from SeaTech, Engineering School of Toulon University, France, and is working towards a PhD supported by Upwell Turtles, Mercator Ocean International and the Aquarium of La Rochelle. This PhD is focused on the application of satellite-tracking and numerical modeling to shed light on the behavior of juvenile sea turtles during the “lost years” life history stage. Revealing these initial dispersal patterns of juvenile sea turtles, the ultimate goal is to evaluate the impact of climate change and human-related threats on these populations in order to help in the decision-making process and implement efficient conservation measures. The study of juvenile sea turtles is a perfect application case for the DTO. Since their movements are directly related to oceanic conditions, the availability and diversity of ocean data through the DTO greatly simplifies the study of their dispersal and, as a bioindicator species, strongly indicative of the health of the oceans, the inclusion of sea turtles as a biological variable in the DTO is highly informative.

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