Digital Ocean Forum 2024


Marilaure Gregoire

University of Liege

Doctor of Engineering - Department of Astrophysics, Geophysics & Oceanography

Marilaure Grégoire was graduated in 1995 as a civil engineer (mechanics-physics) from the Liege University and obtained in 1999 a PhD in Applied Science on the development of a three-dimensional numerical model of the Black Sea coupling the physics and biogeochemistry. In 2002, with a Marie-Curie fellowship, she performed a 2-year post-doc in the NIOZ, Yerseke, the Netherlands and worked on the development of a biogeochemical model that explicitly represents the continuum of biogeochemical processes along an oxic-anoxic-euxinic water column. In 2015, she became Directeur de Recherches and in 2023 Full Professor. She leads the Modelling for Aquatic SysTems (MAST) research group devoted to the development of numerical models coupling the physics and biogeochemistry for forecasting the marine environment and for understanding how climate (e.g. deoxygenation, warming) and non-climate stressors (e.g. eutrophication) affect marine ecosystems. She is particularly interested in assessing how data from new in-situ platforms and satellite sensors can be assimilated to improve model performances. MAST is currently involved in various research projects and, for instance, in the Copernicus Marine Environment and Monitoring Service for providing every-day forecasts of the Black Sea biogeochemistry, in Benthox for understanding deoxygenation in the Black Sea, in the BelSPo project FaCE-iT for assessing the impact of wind farms building on seafloor integrity, in the Southern Bight of the North Sea. Marilaure Grégoire is currently coordinating an ESA research initiative (EO4SIBS) on the use of Earth Observations for supporting marine applications and is co-chairing the Global Ocean Oxygen Network (GO2NE) of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission. She serves as associate editor of Biogeosciences and is member of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee of the Copernicus Marine Service.

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