Digital Ocean Forum 2024


Emma Reyes


Head of Research Area

Emma Reyes, Ph. D. in Marine Sciences, is the Head of SOCIB Research Area. She is a physical oceanographer with over 17 years of experience in operational ocean observing and forecasting systems. Her research interests include coastal ocean dynamics at key circulation chokepoints, air-sea interaction, remote sensing oceanography, oil spill transport and dispersion. She has published more than 30 peer-reviewed scientific articles as well as several referenced reports, guidelines and proceedings and presented her work in more than 50 communications in international scientific meetings since 2012. In 2016, she joined SOCIB where she has been involved in several projects (CMEMS-SE INCREASE, Jerico NEXT, CMEMS-In Situ TAC phase II, EuroSea, Jerico-S3) focused on HF radar data standardization & integration, the harmonization of HF radar maintenance best-practices, advanced products development, and its integration in downstream services (as PI of the CMEMS -User Uptake IBISAR project). For the past year and a half, she has served as the project manager for SOCIB’s Digital Twins initiative. She is a member of the EuroGOOS HFR Task Team and of several national Steering Committees to support the implementation of the agreement between SOCIB and: i) the Spanish Maritime Safety and Rescue Agency, since 2017; ii) the Port System, since 2019; iii) the University of Cádiz, since 2021. She actively participates in student supervision and training and outreach activities.

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