Digital Ocean Forum 2024


Lou Masson

Grand Port Maritime de Bordeaux - JNDF project

European Affairs Officer

Lou Masson currently works at the Grand Port Maritime de Bordeaux as a European Affairs Project Manager. She is responsible for managing and coordinating various projects related to European initiatives and collaborations. In addition to this, she is deeply involved in the Digital Twins of the River project. She is responsible for fostering engagement and collaboration among stakeholders. The work on the digital twins of the river (Jumeaux Numériques du Fleuve) and the Digital Twin of the Ocean are closely connected through their shared goal of creating advanced, interoperable virtual representations of aquatic environments. The digital twins of the river aims to enhance the resilience of the Gironde estuary by using advanced simulation and observation tools to address future challenges. The JNDF seeks to share and develop knowledge of the river, promote the exchange of data and operational results, anticipate the effects of climate change and preserve biodiversity and environmental wealth. Similarly, Digital Twin of the Ocean integrates real-time data and advanced numerical modeling, to protect marine habitats, and combat climate change. Both projects emphasize the importance of interoperability to harmonize aquatic data and make it accessible to a broad user community. The JNDF can contribute to the broader ambition of the Digital Twin of the Ocean.

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