Digital Ocean Forum 2024


Jan Stahlberg


Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO of SiliconHagen, Jan Ståhlberg has a mission to transform how we apply new technologies when we learn, train and work. To this end, he leads an agile staff team based across the world pushing the boundaries of how spatial technologies can deliver impact through virtual and synthetic environments. SiliconHagen's broader portfolio of work includes sustainable and renewable technologies for energy production, CO2 reduction and restoring the natural environment As Head of Strategic Partnerships, Jan previously assisted multi-award winning Danish Edtech company Labster in growing from 12 to 100 people over 4 years. Jan continues to support small and medium sized enterprises across the European Union using collaborative business models. A lengthy residency in the UK led to numerous startup ventures, public sector management and advisory roles for the UK Government. Jan is currently a member of the Advisory Board consisting of 12 Danish Founders and CEOs convened by the Danish Chamber of Commerce to set out strategy and policy proposals for Denmark as the world's best country for entrepreneurship. Han also works as an expert advisor with international organisations such as the European Union, UNESCO and OECD.

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