Digital Ocean Forum 2024


Katrina Sichel

Master of Ceremony

Rigour. Humour. Dynamism. These are the personal and professional hallmarks for Katrina Sichel acquired after more than 25 years in the communications arena. Katrina’s style is best described as journalism crossed with theatre. Warm, lively and on point, she puts speakers at ease. She always brings in the audience from the outset, ensuring dynamic, inclusive and engaging conversations. Faultless time-keeping, thoughtful reflections that underline key messages, and strategically-applied humour characterise her approach. As part of an eclectic career spanning steel-trading in West Africa to business development in the post- Soviet states, Katrina spent four years as company director at an award-winning broadcast PR agency. She produced news packages for BBC, Sky News, Channel 4, ITV, AP and Reuters, covering finance and fashion, sport and current affairs, and more. Tony Blair, JK Rowling, Tom Hanks, Alex Ferguson and Diana Ross were all on the end of her microphone. Later, when collaborating with two of Brussels’ leading communications and public affairs agencies, she managed the messaging, development and roll-out of pan-EU campaigns that targeted the public, and EU and national stakeholders. Today, Katrina frequently moderates European policy events featuring heads of state, MEPs, Commissioners and ministers. She is a first choice in Brussels for the European Commission, Member States and Representations, business and industry, assorted trade associations, NGOs and the scientific/research community.

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