Digital Ocean Forum 2024


Franziska Stressmann

European Citizen Science Association, OTTERS project

Researcher/Program Coordinator - microbiology, microecology, water systems, biodiversity, citizen science

Franziska Stressmann is a researcher and project officer at the European Citizen Science Association (ECSA), where she works to support citizen science and science democratization, as well as specific projects. She earned her PhD in microbiology and microecology from King’s College London. Conducting research at Institut Pasteur Paris and the Leibniz Institute for Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries, Berlin she discovered her passion for the aquatic realm, exploring diverse topics ranging from fish behavior to fish probiotics and the environmental impact of antibiotics. Her involvement in a water project in Berlin introduced her to the world of citizen science, where she found a new avenue to merge her scientific expertise with community engagement. Currently, Franziska works in the Mission Ocean project OTTERS which focuses on scaling up citizen science through standardization, promoting ocean literacy, and fostering a sense of water stewardship among citizens. Her work aligns with the long-term visions of the Digital Twin of the Ocean (DTO) to create a lasting impact on how citizens interact with and care for aquatic environments.

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