Digital Ocean Forum 2024


Pierre Bahurel

Mercator Ocean International

Director General

Pierre BAHUREL is the Director General of Mercator Ocean International, an expert organisation monitoring and forecasting the ocean environment worldwide for operational, scientific and policy purposes. Pierre has founded Mercator Ocean in 1995, which he has been leading and developing since then, fostering digital oceanography general-interest services and multi-national governance to create a unique centre in Europe. He has federated a large community of European partners to deliver the EU Copernicus marine service which is recognized by thousands of users on all continents and provide them with a unique numerical description of the ocean environment on an open & free basis. He is deeply involved in the international structuration of operational oceanography towards a sustainable ocean, supporting a green and digital transition of the society where ocean knowledge is made accessible to every citizen. He is committed to contributing to the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, and chairs the OceanPrediction decade collaboration centre, whose primary aim is to enhance and develop ocean prediction capacity on every continent. Under his direction and engagement to the Mission Restore our Ocean and Waters, Mercator Ocean International has been entrusted by the European Commission to coordinate the development of the EU Digital Twin of the Ocean foundations, integrating existing key European assets into a single digital framework. Building on the momentum he has raised, Mercator Ocean International has begun its transformation into an intergovernmental organisation dedicated to digital ocean and ocean prediction, to better support States and international organisations towards a science-based governance for a sustainable ocean.

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